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Industry Licensing 
Our Team can research, advise and assist in obtaining trading, financial and export licenses necessary to run your business in a new market 
We help our clients incorporate new business entities for their ventures, hire talented resources and establish relationships with banks globally
Consulting Service
We provide tailored solutions, advise and guide our clients on what's most important in their business, both domestically and internationally.
Business Valuation
We help businesses evaluate their expansion potential, organize financing, plan succession and sell their businesses when time is right.
Project Management
We are consulting, deploying and implementing latest technology solutions such as CRM, ERP and other to successfully manage the project
Supplier sourcing
We work through a network of trusted and verified associates in countries around the world to find the best trading partners for our clients

We Manage your Projects with Experience

Our staff consists of well educated professionals who have a wide experience in foreign trade, financial transactions and precious metals trading.

If you have any specific request, we are ready to help you source materials and suppliers that match your criteria.

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